EMFACE is the first and only therapy that works on the framework of your face from the inside out offering fast and effective results. It is the first and only needle-free procedure that can treat both facial skin and muscles in a 20-minute session, resulting in fewer wrinkles and naturally lifts the face without the needles or downtime. 

How Does EMFACE Work?

EMFACE is the first procedure to apply patented combination of Synchronized Radiofrequency and the HIFESTM facial muscle stimulation. Synchronized RF heats the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production, while HIFESTM selectively contracts facial muscles. During just one short session, these contractions increase muscle density and structure for a more lifted appearance.Studies show that EMFACE treatment can lift your skin by up to 23% and increase muscle tone by 30% improving facial lines and toning muscles in the brow, cheeks, corners of the mouth, jawline and forehead.

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