The EMFEMME 360 a revolutionary intimate wellness solution for women. The EMFEMME 360 delivers radiofrequency energy to the targeted areas, internally and externally, to heat the tissue, increase circulation, and provide temporary relief from pain and muscle spasms.  It may improve symptoms related to vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, and pain with intercourse which are common concerns for women as they age, particularly after menopause.

The EMFEMME 360 delivers RF in a full 360 degrees to reduce treatment time and increase comfort during the treatment. Unlike other devices which may take up to 45 minutes, the EMFEMME 360 internal treatment only takes 8 minutes. External treatments are customized to each patient’s needs but are generally less than 15 minutes.

The treatment is non-surgical, comfortable, and requires no downtime at all. You may resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Some patients notice results after a single session, but we recommend a series of 3 treatments scheduled one week apart for best results.

At Becoming You, the EMFEMME 360 procedure is performed by our licensed Functional Medicine providers. If you are interested in the EMFEMME 360 procedure, please call to schedule a free consultation at 317-938-4559.

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