Keravive with HydraFacial is a unique scalp treatment designed to stimulate and promote hair growth. The 3-step process uses the advanced HydraFacial technology to: 

  1. Purify – deep cleansing the scalp while opening the follicles. 
  2. Nourish – infuses the special Keravive peptide complex into the follicles while hydrating the scalp
  3. Boost – Continues treatment at home with special peptide spray to support hair growth. 

The patented Keravive peptide complex contains 9 different peptieds and growth factors in a hyper-concentrated formula that is individually capsulated with nano-liposomes. Delivered with the HydraFacial to improve delivery, stimulates hair growth in the treated area. 

Hair loss and thinning affects 85% of men and 50% of women. This innovative treatment can help stimulate re-growth naturally and painlessly. We recommend 3 treatments scheduled 1 month apart for optimal results. 

The Keravive treatment can be combined with other treatments at Becoming You for even better results including LED Light Therapy, Scalp Massage and Facial lymphatic massage.  

Why choose to have Keravive at Becoming You Wellness Spa?

At Becoming You, we believe in individualized, holistic, and organic care that helps our clients be healthier, stronger, and more beautiful from the inside out. 

Schedule a FREE consultation today where we will put together a personalized package that will help you to look and feel your best! Click on the link below to schedule today or to find out more about Keravive. You can also schedule by phone at 317-938-4559.

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